16 de dezembro de 2016

The situation of Venezuelans is very critical,only few people can afford to buy day to day things.The economic conditions in Venezuela can reach the only ones that can pay.
But what happens to those who live in misery,where children die malnourished because of poor diet?
Journalist Elia Angélica Gonzáles visited an indigenous community in the city of Maracaibo where Hundreds of children suffer the same fate.A mother cries disconsolate because of the diagnosis they have given to her four-year-old baby. The girl would die hours later.
The journalist asks if the doctor gave them any hope, to which the woman answered no, moving her head from side to side.The journalist with her voice says that Marily was disconsolate because her daughter of only 4 years had died hours after the diagnosis of the doctor who did not stop criticizing the government because the state does not take care of anything and deviates the important issues like the nutrition of Venezuelan children when they need it most.The prayers of the Indians not able to change that.
On the other hand, Jacqueline is living the same situation. Her nervous smile expresses her fear in the images. Indigenes often keep a smile.She tells reporters that this food to her daughter is only rice soup and nothing else.
Both belong to an indigenous community that is in the city of Maracaibo,The woman cries for the pain of not being able to rescue her little girl.
The woman who lost her baby said:”They gave me the milk recipe but I did not have the money to buy it.”

Photo-Daida Barcelo for thenews2
Photo-Daida Barcelo
for thenews2

The Family Assembly of the National Assembly informed that in Venezuela, 28 people die per day because of malnutrition, but the government of Maduro,the president, hides these numbers, explains a doctor very annoying by the system in that country.
The doctor says: “They say that Maduro`s government doesn`t accept the reality and emphasizes that there are no official figures and less recognition of the problem.”
The journalist ends by explaining that indigenous communities don´t know about the Politcal issues and urge that government figures out the real problem.

for thenews2

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