Capitol Hill`s Christmas Tree inaugurated & lit by Paul Ryan & Isabella Gerald

7 de dezembro de 2016

The much awaited 80-foot Engelmann spruce Christmas Tree was inaugurated and lit by the Speaker of the House,Paul Ryan and Isabella Gerald,a Fifth grade student from Boise,today the 6th of December,2016.It all happened at the West lawn of the Capitol Hill with the presence of some congressmen and the public.Even though,it was raining,it didn`t affect the joy expressed on the people`s faces as they listened to the Christmas songs performed by the military band and the opportunity of taking pictures of the tree with their families and loved ones.There were many children at the event and the people came with their ponchos and umbrellas.
By Niyi Fote

Photos by Niyi Fote

Paul Ryan & Isabella Gerald

Paul Ryan & Isabella Gerald






Photo-Niyi Fote
Photo-Niyi Fote


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