Chapecoense Plane Crash-Chat between Pilot & Tower,Survivors & Funeral

4 de dezembro de 2016

Families,loved ones and friends gathered together at the legislative Assembly,Sao paulo-Brazil on the 3rd of December to have a funeral ceremony of 3 dead jornslists who were on the Plane with the Brazilian soccer team,Chapecoense.The accident happened in Colombia on the 28th of November,on the team`s way to play the first leg match of the Final of Copa Sudamericana (same as Europe league) against Medellin team- Atletico Nacional..It was really a sad moment as about 71 people died and just 6 people survived;Brazilian soccer players-Alan Ruschel and Helio Zemper Neto;defenders and reserve goalkeeper Jakson Follmann,two crew members:Ximena Suarez,flight attendant and flight technician Erwin Tumiri and journalist Rafael Henzel.There were 21 jornalists;6 from Fox news andthe rest from Globo TV.The plane crash was probably because of lack of fuel and this is a big surprise and mystery.Why would that happen?

Conversation between the Pilot and the Tower
The final call
Pilot: Lima-Mike-India 2933 is in total failure, total electrical failure and [without] fuel.
Tower: Runway is free. Expect rain on the surface Lima-Mike-India 933, firemen have been alerted.
Pilot: Vectors, miss. Tell me the vectors from the runway.
Tower: I can’t find you on the radar. What is your direction now?
Pilot: Direction three six zero. Three six zero.
Tower: Turn left zero one zero and proceed to the Rio Negro localiser 1 mile ahead of VOR [combined radio navigation station]… I confirm left in the direction of three five zero.
Pilot: Left three five zero.
Tower: Yes, correct. You’re at one mile to the Rio Negro localiser.
Tower: I don’t have your altitude, Lima-Mike-India.
Pilot: 9,000ft, miss. Vectors, vectors.
Tower: You’re 8.2 miles to the runway.
Pilot: Jesus.
Tower: What’s your altitude now?
By Niyi Fote

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