Elections in Brazil 2016

2 de outubro de 2016

144 Million Brazilians are voting today to elect (or re-elect) new Mayors and Councillors from 5,568 municipals from all over the country.Most of the posts are going to be occupied by PMDB;of the actual President and PSDB and unlike 2012 when PT got more than them.This is as a result of the impeachment of the Dilma Rousseff,the last President who is a member of PT party and also because of the “Lava Jato” scandal involving mostly the PT party members.
In Sao Paulo city,there are 4 or 5 dominating candidates fighting for the post of Mayor. Joao Doria (PSDB) a businessman who declared having assets worth of R$179,765,700.69 and leading the DataFolia Polls with 44%,followed by Celso Russomanno (PRB) with declared assets of R$1,841,469.07 and Fernando Haddad (PT) who is the actual Mayor of the city with assets of R$451,938.07 both having 16% each ,Marta Suplicy (PMDB) with assets of R$13,319,274.83 with 14% of the Polls and Luiza Erundina (PSOL) with assets of R$605,605.81 having 5%.
There is probability of a second round election in Sao Paulo City as none of the above candidates has more than 50% of the vote according to the Polls.In that case, Joao Doria will have to face one of the other candidates in the second round.As of now,everything is going well in the elctions except for some people who were arrested for disrupting the elections.
By Niyi Fote









Elections in Brazil- Photos Niyi Fote
Elections in Brazil-
Photos Niyi Fote

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