Victor Brecheret Filho speaks about the Spray Painted Monument to the Flags-Ibirapuera Sao Paulo by Vandals

1 de outubro de 2016

Early Morning of Friday 30th of September,2016, a couple was seen through one of the street cameras around the Monument to the Flags,Ibirapuera neighborhood,Sao Paulo spray painting the monument.Reason,nobody knows until now.In fact,the revelation was made know later that day after being recorded by one of the cameras.
Victor Brecheret filho,the actual president of the Victor Brecheret Institute and also the son of the Sculptor himself,Victor Brecheret was at the scene of the incidence and was really sad for this vandalism.He thinks it couldn`t be for any political reason but an action (dissatisfaction) against everything.The workers of the local government started the cleaning up of the Spray painted monument and it`s very lamenting that this will cost the government around R$37,000 Brazilian Money.This wasn`t the only spray painted sculpture in the same day,but there was another one;the Statute of Borba Gato and strange enough with the same colors,though there is no confirmation if they are related.
By Niyi Fote

Monument to the Flags-Sao Paulo being cleaned up Photo Niyi Fote
Monument to the Flags-Sao Paulo being cleaned up
Photo Niyi Fote

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