Rio 2016 AAD Guarulhos Volunteers Airport Team-Sao Paulo

22 de setembro de 2016

For the AAD Aiport Team, the Paralympic Volunteers ,the games really started on the 24th of August 2016 even though it started officially on the 7th of September. The task was headed by the Airport team General Manager, Carlos Roberto Togni Oliveira;

Rio 2016 AAD General Manager Carlos Oliveira and his wife Evelyn Vidal
Rio 2016 AAD General Manager Carlos Oliveira and his wife Evelyn Vidal

the other two Administrative Managers Alberto Blanco and Jairo and their coordinators.
You might be wondering why it started so early at the airport…Well, the Paralympic Athletes for the Rio 2016 started arriving at the Guarulhos Airport during this time and the Volunteers are and were responsible for their reception.
It wasn`t an easy task though, but everything was in control. The Volunteers have and had to help the Athletes right from the time they landed at the airport; helping them with their luggages and other needs in order to make their check in to and fro` Rio de Janeiro possible and even on their return to their respective countries in collaboration with the GRU staff; Joel and others.
Many of the Volunteers were able to exchanged and got some pins ( of different countries) from some of the athletes and some even did this for collections. They met famous athletes and took pictures with them. Some had the biggest opportunity of their life taking picture with Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, the 4th and last son of Queen Elizabeth of England.

AAD Airport Team with Prince Ewdard-Earl Of Wessex
AAD Airport Team with Prince Ewdard-Earl Of Wessex

It is worth mentioning also of the fact that, the Volunteers had to work overtime sometimes in order to make sure the athletes got the best service and AAD Guarulhos Airport team was considered the best team during the Rio 2016..
According to some of the Volunteers, this was the biggest and the most cherished moment of their life. It`s like a family and they would like to keep this moment forever. They had fun, meals together and even sang and joked sometimes .Some of the volunteers had opportunity to go and watch some of the games and participate in the dress rehearsal of the closing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

AAD Airport Team-Time to eat
AAD Airport Team-Time to eat

Rio 2016 should continue and not end according to them. Their last day at the airport is September 23rd 2016 even though the games ended officially on the18th of September in Rio de Janeiro
By Niyi Fote



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