Female Water Polo

13 de agosto de 2016

Another game from the beginning of the week was the female Water Polo in Maria Lenk (Barra Olympic Park). There were three games. The first one from group B was China X Hungary that was really close and hard, China 11 and Hungary 13.

The second game was Brazil X Italy from group A. The Brazilian team was slow compare to the Italians and didn’t attack enough, so the game ended -Italy 9 and Brazil 3.

The last game from group B was USA X Spain, the exact same teams from the final in the 2012 Olympic in London. The amount of technique in the water and the teamwork helped the USA won with 11 goals and Spain, 4.

By Carolina Aguiar.


Female Water Polo-Rio 2016 Photos -Carolina Aguiar
Female Water Polo-Rio 2016
Photos -Carolina Aguiar

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