Did 33 people actually rape that girl in Rio de Janeiro or was it permitted by her ?

26 de julho de 2016

On getting to Brazil on the 17th of July 2016; first in Rio de Janeiro and after Sao Paulo, the most important question asked by some friends is “What does the foreign media say about Brazil?” What they actually wanted to know is how Brazil is being depicted in the USA…So, I told them about the Zika Virus ,the Terrorist fear, the rape of a girl in Rio by about 33 people to mention but a few. That was exactly when I was challenged by one of my friends; Carlos Rodrigues in Sao Paulo who disillusioned me about the Rape incidence. Sometimes, it`s pretty much better to check about facts on news spread in foreign media. I was really surprised after getting more information furnished by Carlos on this specific rape case in Rio de Janeiro. I watched and listened to the documentary made by a Jornalist of SBT regarding the above incidence…It`s unbelievable.
Well,In many favelas(Slums) there are lot of cases where women have sex with some men for drugs and fame. It´s common in many favelas . This girl permitted the men to have sex with her for many times. But, the problem was, the last time the video was put on the internet and she pretended to be a victim. There are a lot of proofs (pictures, phone audios and interviews) showing that she is lying, but the great media doesn`t transmit this which is very sad.
In fact,She said to the SBT reporter that people are offending her for nothing. But the truth is, people are scolding her because they know the truth. -her mother confirmed the girl is drug addicted and spent time in favela. -this girl had the first son when she was 13 years old.

It is possible to conclude that,she allowed and permitted the guys to have sex with her and the number of the rapists might be a little bit exaggerated as she was under drug influence when she had that “rape” incidence .
By Niyi Fote

A pergunta que não cala, foi estupro ou não?Parece que a mídia está manipulando o caso, trocaram até o delegado.Veja essas imagens e tire suas próprias conclusões!Compartilhe, não deixe a esquerda dominar esse país!!

Publicado por Romullo J. Totti em Segunda, 30 de maio de 2016

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