15 de julho de 2016

Ricardo Guerreiro,49 years old, father of 4 children living in the USA talks about the death of his wife Livia Guerreiro who died because of Hormone Replacement in Brazil on December 2015.They were married for 20 years.
He talks about the risks and side effects of this Hormone Replacement ;like gaining weight, difficulty to sleep, diabetes, stroke, hear attack, circulation problem,backpain, thrombosis, swollen part of the body,liver problem;which actually caused the dead of his wife…
He advices anyone who plans to have this Hormone Replacement to seek Doctors`opinions before undergoing any treatment. He believes his wife was a victim of Brazilian Hormone Replacement industries. For this kind of situation not to happen again in Brazil and to save other people from this kind of problem,you can find important information he published in the site below-

By Niyi Fote


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