Paulo “PVC” Vinicius Coelho speaks about Brazilian Soccer Team

9 de junho de 2016

Paulo Vinicius Coelho popularly known as PVC talks to thenews2 before the group B match started between Brazil and Haiti at the Orlando Citrus Bowl(Camping World Stadium) in Orlando Florida during the Copa America centenario 2016I .He expresses his concern about the frequent changes of players in the Brazilian National Team and even the intention of changing the coach everytime the team losses is not a good idea…He compares the Brazilian team to some other South American teams like Chile,Colombia who have maintained their players since the last Copa America in Chile;thus giving them a better chance to win this Centenario Copa .In other words,removing Dunga is not a solution;but keeping the squad together for a long time would definately help the team much better…

Paulo is a Jornalist and commentator at Fox Sports;a blogger with Uol and a Columnist for Folha Sao Paulo.

By Niyi Fote

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