Muhammad Ali is dead aged 74

4 de junho de 2016

Cassius Marcellus Clay,Jr. born in 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky and popularlly known as Muhammad Ali after his conversion to Islam in 1964.
Ali had very well advanced Parkinson’s disease diagonized in 1984; 3 years after retiring from boxing and because of his respiratory problem, he was taken to Phoenix hospital on a life support on Tuesday May 31st to help control and regulates his breathing. He however died at the hospital on Friday June 3rd. ‎
It is worth remembering that Ali was introduced to boxing by a Police officer at the age of 12 and by 22 years old, he won the World Heavyweight championship from the undefeated Sonny Liston in 1964..Ali was 3 times Heavyweight Champion.
Ali had 9 children;Laila,Rasheda,Hana,Asaad,Maryum,Jamilah,Khaliah,Muhammad Ali Jr. and Miya.

Muhammad Ali with Pele ;Brazilian World Soccer legend
Muhammad Ali with Pele ;Brazilian World Soccer legend

Ali is considered “The Greatest” and a world citizen, with recognition by most world leaders. 
Many people are now lighting ‎candles in front of the Phoenix Hospital where he died..There will be a memorial service for him..
By Niyi Fote ‎

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