Prince was baptized at Jehovah Witness

24 de Maio de 2016

PRINCE was baptized at Jehovah witness around the year 2006 in the USA and he was a member and a brother but called by the name Nelson.Prince was found dead on Thursday 21st of April at the age of 57 in an elevator at Paisely Park studios home ,USA around 9.45am. According to the Jehovah Witnesses,they forbid blood transfusions,basing their argument on Moses`law in the bible, saying blood was forbidden by law. (Lev. 3:17).However, they have nothing against blood test.In addition, they don`t celebrate birthdays and Christmas. They believe celebrating birthdays displeases God and in compensation,they celebrate the day of death; even of Jesus-(Ecclesiastes 7:1)…They don`t get involve in Politics or cast Votes supporting these with bible references Matthew 4:8-10 and 1 John 5:19.
So,what do you readers think about this belief of Jehovah witnesses?
Blood transfusions,birthdays,Christmas,voting-Politics…
By Niyi Fote

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